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Unofficial NUCarnival Stickers

$3.00 - $24.00
Unofficial NUCarnival Stickers

Can't pull your favorite man home because pity in this game is trash? Fear not--you can have him forever as a sticker! Designs listed below, additional to be added in the future. Also available as charms, more designs to be added later.

- Eiden (SFW)
- Eiden (NSFW)
- Aster
- Morvay
- Yakumo (SR)
- Edmond (SSR)
- Olivine (SSR)
- Quincy (SSR)
- Garu (SSR) (Not shown)
- Karu (SSR) (Only difference is eyes and expression. Not shown)
- Kuya (SSR)

All stickers are 2-3 inches and made of matte vinyl.