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1.5in Genshin Capsule Charms

$8.00 - $40.00
1.5in Genshin Capsule Charms

Get your favorite scrunkles! Lots of options here--pick up a few for a nice little discount! :) These are 1.5" small with more designs coming. If you purchase the "Gacha me!" option I will randomly pull a design for you. If you land on the DULL SWORD, you will get that plus a bonus random secondary charm of any available design! Please leave a note in your order if there is a particular favorite you would prefer--otherwise I will randomize the secondary charm "prize" :)

• Venti
• Raiden Shogun
• Paimon
• Zhongli
• Kaeya
• Nahida
• Klee
• Childe